From Charles De Gaulle airport to Lille ?

Here is some information to reach Lille and the venue from Charles de Gaulle airport :

When you arrive at the airport : 


1. Collect your baggage 


2. Go to the railway station  located at Terminal 2 . You just have to follow the billboards "gare SNCF".


3 Get your ticket at the station (excepted if you already have one). Information are available in English in certain desks


4 Take the train. All the information you need are  on the panels (destination, departure time,  platform,etc.) . 


5 You arrive at  Lille Europe railway station (  +/- one hour later). 


6 Then ask for a taxi. Normally there are taxis waiting at the station. 


The hotel Alliance (17 Quai du Wault), is well known and it takes 10 -15 minutes to reach it by car.