TMJ Arthroscopy course

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1 Day TMJ Arthroscopy Training Course

Conducted by Joseph P. McCain, DMD, FACS

Wednesday , May 17th


Course description

TMJ arthroscopy hands-on cadaver course using the new McCain Arthroscope and Instrumentation to demonstrate the reproducible “McCain Technique”


Preliminary agenda


·         7:45 – 8:00—Meet at Hotel lobby (Hotel Alliance)  - Bus to Lab

·         8:00 – 8:30—Transportation to training facility

·         8:30 – 9:00—Breakfast fare and introduction

·         9:00 -12:00—Wet/Dry Lab Session

o   Initial Puncture, 7 Points-of-Interest

o   Level I Arthroscopy

o   Hands-on Training

o   Second Puncture

o   Level II Arthroscopy

o   Hands-on Training

·         12:00 – 1:00—Lunch

·         1:00 – 4:30—Wet/Dry Lab Session

o   Level I/II Arthroscopy, continued

o   Hands-on Training

·         5:00 —Transportation to Hotel


Learning objectives

·         1st-Puncture (Fossa Portal) technique

·         Diagnostic Arthrocentesis

o   Seven Points-of-Interest

·         2nd-Puncture (Operative Port)

o   Biopsy

o   Deposition of medications

·         Introduction of thermals

o   Ablation

o   Coagulation

o   Homium YAG laser

·         Disc repositioning- Demonstration Only

o   Suture discopexy



·         Chief of OMS Florida International University, Miami, Florida

·         Private practice Miami Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Baptist Hospital of Miami


Course cost to include:

o   2 joints per participant- Fresh, Frozen Cadaver

o   Transportation to and from Hotel (Hotel Alliance Lille France to Lab)

o   Light breakfast fare and lunch

o   The access and use of all equipment, armamentarium, disposable items and PPE required to execute a TMJ arthroscopy cadaver lab

Personal scrubs will NOT be provided to participant


Training Location:

o   The laboratory of the medical school Claude Huriez hospital,  Bd Jules Leclercq 59000 Lille



Course Sponsor:

            Nexus CMF

            2825 E. Cottonwood Parkway

            SLC, UT 8412




            All course fees are refunded if a station is not available